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Dream Out Loud Podcast

Jun 16, 2020

Today's interview is with voice over coach and sound designer, Donovan Weyland.

Interview Highlights

  • His trick for how to use a microphone for voice over
  • Challenges Vilma had when initially starting the podcast and using her voice
  • What you should know about audition scripts and specs for VO 
  • Why a “unique sounding voice” is a good thing 
  • The best place to start for voice over 
  • How you can practice voice over on your own
  • What all great singers have in common
  • An important thing to consider before picking a voice over coach 
  • Why a “great voice” doesn’t impress Donovan

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This podcast was edited by Tony Rossi. (He’s pretty great. He also might be the one writing this.)



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Thank you for listening - and don't forget to dream out loud :)