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Dream Out Loud Podcast

Mar 24, 2020

Today's episode is with headshot photographer, Molly Pan

A former actor from Minneapolis, MN, Molly Pan has been a professional headshot photographer since 2012. She spent 3 years in Chicago honing her acting skills and appearing on network television shows, only to move to Los Angeles and eventually quit acting to become a full time photographer. She's photographed thousands of working actors in both Chicago and Los Angeles . She's fanatically obsessed with cats, house plants, a cappella singing, and the game of Dungeons and Dragons. She is perpetually 29 years young.

Interview Highlights: 

  • Why she quit acting and started doing headshots
  • Her thoughts on rejection
  • Things to know about LA
  • How she found headshot photography
  • Why it’s important to practice for photos
  • The difference between a Chicago and LA headshot 
  • Her advice to anyone self conscious of taking photos
  • What Vilma looks for in a headshot
  • Reasons to move to LA - other than for work
  • The importance of being true to who you are. 


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Thank you for listening - and don't forget to dream out loud :)