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Dream Out Loud Podcast

Dec 10, 2019

This week’s episode features Chicago actor Jose Tony Garcia.

Jose Antonio Garcia (Likes to go by Tony) is an American actor working in theatre, television, and film.

Born in New Haven, CT, he studied Theatre and got his BFA from the University of Connecticut and his MFA from Indiana University.

He resides in Chicago with his wife Sarah and their dog Zorra.

Jose is represented by Stewart Talent Chicago.

Interview highlights: 


  • What his dream was before acting
  • How a rude acting teacher lit a fire in him
  • How he got his first agent (and how long it took him) 
  • The first job he booked
  • How to get through the rough parts of the business 
  • Why acting can’t “save you”
  • What he does to have fun during auditions 
  • Mistakes actors make at on camera auditions 


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