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Dream Out Loud Podcast

Dec 17, 2019

Today’s episode features Chicago actor and mindset coach, Tony Rossi. 


Tony is a Chicago actor having worked with Steep Theatre, Broken Nose Theatre, Eclipse Theatre, Factory Theatre, and others.  Commercial work includes BUNN, Ortiz, Fanatics, and CD One Price Cleaners. As a certified speaker and coach, he loves helping his peers recognize their self-worth and see things differently with the things that make us super stressed. He further discusses these themes in both his podcast, the Tony Rossi Show, as well as published articles written for


Interview highlights

  • How Tony got into acting 
  • What his dreams were before he discovered acting 
  • How acting helped him with his low self esteem as a teenager
  • Rejection he faced from his top choice and back up acting schools
  • A struggle he’s still having as an actor - despite being in Chicago for nine years
  • Why he thinks acting is an “unfair industry”
  • What we tend to forget when comparing ourselves to our peers
  • Why acting will never be enough for Tony 


Links referenced 

  • Tony Rossi 
    • Tony Rossi Show Podcast - a self-care podcast for actors 

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