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Dream Out Loud Podcast

Jan 28, 2020

Today’s interview is with Creative Artist, Michael Flores. 

He is a TV/Film producer, director, writer, cinematographer, editor and actor based out of Chicago, IL. Best know for his Amazon Prime series "GTV Comedy" (2019- present) and his documentary films "For the Love of Mom" (2012 Latino Film Festival) and "Making McCaskill" (2019 Amazon Prime). Before he began working in TV/Film, Michael was a music video producer with credited work in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Florida.


Interview Highlights 

  • How he learned to be good at so many different technical elements of production
  • Why he took it upon himself to learn things over hiring others 
  • How his skills led him out of his day job 
  • Why he doesn’t want to rush to the next phase of his dream 




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Thank you for listening - and don't forget to dream out loud :)