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Dream Out Loud Podcast

Jun 23, 2020

Today’s episode is with Steve Conca. Steve is a Web Developer with a specialty in Marketing & Branding

Episode topics: 

  • Steve’s story of working with Gary V
  • The difference between a website and a “user experience”
  • His story of getting into branding and design
  • His journey working as a TV editor
  • Vilma’s story of starting Dream Team!
  • Why Vilma decided to start Dream Team
  • What happened that made Vilma stop being “scared” 
  • A conversation on brand (with Steve’s thoughts on Dream Team!) 
  • Why a logo isn’t a brand
  • The importance of working with people you like 

Links referenced:


  • Steve Conca


  • “Breaking Dad” web series
  • Gary Vee
  • Previous Dream Out Loud Podcast referenced: 



This podcast was edited by Tony Rossi.

More about Dream Team: 


Thank you for listening - and don't forget to dream out loud :)