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Dream Out Loud Podcast

Feb 11, 2020

Today's episode features a conversation with the co-founder of Hollywood Casting & Film - Sunny Vachher. 

Sunny is an Actor and Independent Producer, with commercial, film, and TV projects that have gained success and recognition at film festivals around the world (SXSW, Cannes, AFI Fest, and more). As Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Hollywood Casting and Film Studios (founded in 2012), Sunny is responsible for creative marketing, media and content creation, as well as managing, developing, and leading its creative team.  At Hollywood Casting and Film Studios, Sunny thrives in bridging the gap between actors and filmmakers, and creating opportunities for artists through the studios’ film productions. Currently, he serves on the Board of Advisors and Film Screening Committee for NewFilmmakers Los Angeles, a non-profit organization designed to showcase innovative works by emerging filmmakers from around the world. Sunny is a philanthropist at heart and believes in creating stories and experiences that genuinely have the power to inspire and make a GOOD difference.

Interview Highlights 


  • How he started out in corporate, but transitioned to the entertainment industry  


  • The story of how he left corporate - not to his choosing!
  • The importance for dreamers to take a “first step”
  • Why challenges and problems are supposed to happen!
  • The thing we don’t consider that happens when we give up

Hollywood Casting and Film 

More about Dream Team: 


Thank you for listening - and don't forget to dream out loud :)